Friday, September 16, 2011


Summer Cycle

Every summer the Kaftan comes back , new and improved. A wardrobe staple, for some people it’s just a beach cover-up, but for hijabi’s they can provide a very lightweight, loose relief from the heat. So you can see why I have such a soft spot for these easy wearing garments. I will say that it is particularly difficult to find a suitable one on the high-street that doesn’t need another top underneath (bikini through a kaftan must be a popular look). So when you find one it’s worth grabbing it and heading for the nearest check out counter. The good news is that you can buy almost any size bigger than you are and get away with it, and if you have a bit of cash to splash then Antik Batik has an amazing range.

One step up sees you with Naeem Khan, whose kaftans (and pretty much everything else) is absolutely stunning. Expect a designer spotlight post soon!

Ladies Beach Caftan : Female Kaftan Dresses


Mini Caftan Outfits : Latest Ladies Kaftan Wear - Designers Kaftaan

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Kaftan Queen's Kimono Cardis
Kaftan Queen's Kimono Cardis black
Kaftan Queen's Kimono Cardis white


  1. Check out the sexy kaftans !!! i luv them XX

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