Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cake Beauty



Cake Beauty Launches On Sephora

2010 is turning out to be a sweet new year for Cake Beauty. It should come as no surprise the Canadian based beauty sweetheart, originally cooked up in owner/founder Heather Reier’s kitchen, is now available on, the single largest online resource of beauty products in the U.S.
The indie brand has a tremendous track record across Sephora Canada’s doors. “Cake Beauty continues to be one of our best performing brands. Cake is unique in that it takes indulgent beauty from complicated and expensive to affordable, sensorial and fun” – Adele Serravalle, Director, Merchandising and Marketing, SEPHORA CANADA.

The multi-purpose product offerings are infused with natural, raw ingredients, the cornerstone of Cake’s success. “My mandate for Cake has always remained the same…results driven, tremendously efficacious products that mix a dash of sass with a generous helping of 90% to 95% high quality, natural ingredients. Cake has always been committed to naturally sweet ingredients that offer BIG results.” – Heather Reier, Owner/Founder, Cake Beauty. is the perfect stage that will allow the Cake Beauty mantra ‘approved by beauty junkies’ to shine. “We are pleased to offer Cake Beauty to clients across the U.S. via The brand has long been requested by our U.S. clients and we are confident this unique introduction will be as popular here as it is in Canada.” – Terri Lee, Skincare Merchant,
With a cult celebrity following and award winning lineup including: Satin Sugar Refreshing Hair & Body Powder and Milk Made Velveteen Hand Crème, the delectable brand is poised for sweet success.

Cake Beauty Milk Made Hydrating Moisture Milk:
This is a spray on lotion. It has a light lotion texture, and smells just like the handcream. I think all the milk made line kind of have similar scent.
Because the texture of this product is really light, it's definitely not moisturizing enough for my super dry skin. But I found it works well as a "toner" before I apply a body butter, because it absorbes easily. But I actually would not recommend it to people with dry skin because it's really a lot of work to put it on with a body butter. I think it will work for people with oily skin or probably during the summer.

Kiss Me Cake Beauty.

I have not used anything from Cake Beauty in a very long time. That is hopefully about to change as I just learned that these indulgent bath and body products are now available online at I plan to indulge and have Cake Beauty kiss both my body and lips all over.

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